Our Wedding

After almost four years of being together, we still love each other like the first time we met, our studies are both finally completed and we couldn’t find any more excuses to not get married, we eventually decided to get engaged and to exchange the wedding vows. The whens, the wheres and the whys of our wedding, you will find the answers in the FAQ below. Enjoy reading.

FAQ to our wedding

When and where will the wedding take place?

In Palazzo Cavalli (civil registry office), Venice, Italy, on

September 23rd, 2011

11:30 a.m.*

The ceremony will also be broadcasted live from the civil registry office over the Internet. More information here.

*) Central European Time (UTC+1h). At 16:30 West Indonesian Time.


When is the wedding celebration / reception?

The wedding celebration will take place directly after the wedding ceremony. It will be held with our wedding guests in one of the nice Venetian restaurants with the view of the Venetian Lagoon. Which restaurant, we haven’t decided yet. We will decide once we are there. We will write and post photos about our celebration later.


Who are your wedding guests?

We have invited only the closest family members (brothers, sisters and parents).

From Taufan’s side his father, his brother and his sister will join us. His mother will be in Indonesia at that time and will watch the ceremony in live stream over the Internet. Next year in August we will fly to Indonesia to visit her, and to celebrate with her and our family, and relatives there.

From Rebecca’s side both her parents, her two brothers and her sister will join us. Rebecca’s beloved first nephew (the eldest son of her sister) will also be there.

Wedding witnesses are Taufan’s brother and Rebecca’s sister.


Why on that particular date?

This is the date when we met for the first time four years ago, September 23rd, 2007.


Why in Venice?

A twosome ride in a gondola through the enchanted canals of the city of love and romance, Venice – this unique place was the only adequate place on earth for us, romantics, to seal our promise of love and everlasting loyalty.

But to be honest, it also had a practical reason: as we said, we wanted to marry on this special date, September 23rd. When we told this to Rebecca’s parents they were not very enthusiastic about the date. Why? Because during that time they had already booked their annual holiday in Venice. So we thought… either we have to find another date or have a wedding without her parents…OR (both of us spontaneously and almost at the same time said): We will also go to Venice and get married there.


How was the marriage proposal?

Actually there was never a real marriage proposal. We somehow already knew all the time that we wanted to get married sometime (at least Rebecca ;-) ). We basically only had to decide when. Then for a long time we didn’t think about it because we had other concerns like our studies, and had no time for something like this. But when we both finally graduated our studies early 2011, we thought: Now there are no excuses anymore! We discussed this during a twosome walk in the city park on a snowy winter day in 2011. We finally decided to get married on the 23rd of September 2011 – the fourth anniversary of our first date – a very special day for us. We sealed our promise with a romantic kiss in the middle of the park.


What is your wedding motto?

“In Essentials, Unity. In Non-Essentials, Liberty. In All Things, Love”

This motto is probably the best depiction of the tone of our relationship up until now. We want to keep this as a guiding principle in our future as a married couple.

The motto is engraved on our wedding rings in German.(*)

*) Translated to German: „In wichtigen Dingen Einheit, in kleinen Dingen Freiheit, in allen Dingen Liebe“. You can see it in the photo above if you zoom the image.


Where will you travel for the honeymoon?

We will travel to Schwangau, Bavaria and stay for about a week in a secluded holiday apartment in the mountains, enjoying and relaxing, with a view of the Neuschwanstein Castle.


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