How exactly did you meet?

Taufan: In StudiVZ (german social network for students). I accidentally stumbled upon Rebecca’s profile as I was looking for a former colleague. I liked her profile and sent her a message. She was flattered and wrote back. Several months later we met in real life and fell in love.

Rebecca: Actually it was really fortunate that I still had my students profile although I had already played with the thought of canceling my study. When he sent me the first message, at first I thought a cheap pick up, but after a short look at his profile, he seemed ok. After few messages he already suggested a meeting, but I wanted to get to know him better before meeting him. After several months of correspondence and hours of phone conversations, I suggested that we should meet in real life. He agreed and we decided on a date. Shortly before the meeting, out of sheer fear and nervousness, I got cold feet and canceled the meeting. Luckily this didn’t discourage Taufan and he kept fighting for my attention. Nevertheless, today I am very glad and happy to have met him.

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