About Us

Mixed German-Indonesian-Chinese, born Nov 1977 in Berlin, grew up in Bandung (Indonesia), studied Computer Science and Media in Stuttgart, worked a few years as software developer (Java, Flash, Web) and is currently working as sysadmin at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart.
Hobbies: Computers, Internet, photography, watching movies, biking, walking.
Born April 1982 in Karlsruhe, grew up there, studied Library and Information Management in Stuttgart and is currently working as a database content manager at a law firm in Stuttgart.
Hobbies: reading books, watching movies, jogging, painting, playing violin and meeting friends.

FAQ About Us

How did you meet?

Taufan: We met during our study at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Rebecca was at that time a bachelor student in Library and Information Management and I have just started my master’s degree in Computer Science and Media.

Rebecca: At that time I was actually in a holiday semester. During the prior semester, my grandparents passed away, I missed many lecture days and in the end flunked some important examinations. I was not sure anymore if I will continue my study. During that time, Taufan supported me to continue my study.


How exactly did you meet?

Taufan: In StudiVZ (german social network for students). I accidentally stumbled upon Rebecca’s profile as I was looking for a former colleague. I liked her profile and sent her a message. She was flattered and wrote back. Several months later we met in real life and fell in love.

Rebecca: Actually it was really fortunate that I still had my students profile although I had already played with the thought of canceling my study. When he sent me the first message, at first I thought a cheap pick up, but after a short look at his profile, he seemed ok. After few messages he already suggested a meeting, but I wanted to get to know him better before meeting him. After several months of correspondence and hours of phone conversations, I suggested that we should meet in real life. He agreed and we decided on a date. Shortly before the meeting, out of sheer fear and nervousness, I got cold feet and canceled the meeting. Luckily this didn’t discourage Taufan and he kept fighting for my attention. Nevertheless, today I am very glad and happy to have met him.


How was your first date?

Taufan: We decided to meet in Karlsruhe on a Sunday afternoon. Rebecca picked me up from the train station; we walked to the palace garden, sat on the grass in front of the lake, enjoyed the sun and chatted. We were so immersed in conversation that we totally forgot the time and I almost missed the last train to Stuttgart.

Rebecca: Before going out I stood hours in front of my wardrobe and the mirror. When I picked him up at the Karlsruhe train station, I already found him really likable, although he was virtually still a stranger to me.


When did you have the feeling that your relationship became serious?

Rebecca: For me, it was relatively soon after the first date when I thought that our relationship would have a future. After meeting a few more times we realized that we understand each other very well and we talked about it.

Taufan: I didn’t give much thought at first, but when Rebecca wanted to introduce me officially to her parents just a few weeks after we met, I really had to start thinking about it. I liked her truly but I wasn’t anxious of being the future “son-in-law” that soon. But I decided to bite the bullet and never regretted it. Her parents were very nice and I never felt that I had to pretend to be a nice “son-in-law-boy”, my natural being simply surfaced spontaneously.


How was the first kiss?

Taufan: For those who really want to know: It was during our third date in Karlsruhe.

Rebecca: Yes, cheeky monkey!


What do you find the most appealing about your partner?

Taufan: I like her very mature character on the outside while still having that very strong “child” inside.
Rebecca: His optimism and his smile.


What do you find not so appealing about your partner?

Taufan: Sometimes it’s pretty hard to motivate her to do anything.

Rebecca: His penchant for perfectionism.


Do you also keep secrets from each other?

Taufan: Yes. I think you must not disclose everything in a relationship (passwords, PINs, e-mails, etc.). I see a partnership as a close and trusting connection between two autonomous individuals who trust each other fully, yet are allowed to be true to oneself. I have absolute confidence in Rebecca, and she lets me keep my privacy in return.

Rebecca: I do not know all his passwords or contact lists. I trust him and he trusts me. We both know the boundaries that we should not pass. This allows everyone a little space for himself. I also find important to give Taufan enough private time for himself and in return ask the same for me.


Doesn’t it matter to you that the woman is larger than the man?

Taufan: Yes, Rebecca is about an inch taller than me, but I don’t care. On the contrary, I’m even proud to have conquered a woman bigger than me ;)

Rebecca: It doesn’t bother me that Taufan is a little smaller than me. I also really appreciate that Taufan doesn’t give me the feeling that it’s not okay to wear high heels (because I like wearing them).